Join Us in a Day Without Shoes With Toms

You can’t understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes–or–in this case, until you spend a day without shoes.

Millions of children go barefoot every day around the world. This exposes them to diseases and injuries that only worsen their already impoverished lives and makes it harder for them to get an education and better their situation. It might be hard for us to imagine what that is like; here in the US barefoot children with soles so thick they barely feel the pinch of a sharp rock, are not a common sight. But in many places around the world this sight is far too common.

This is why TOMS is taking steps to bring more attention to this issue. And tomorrow, April 10, is the day to go barefoot, to try to understand the perhaps harsher reality of others and to get the conversation started about this global issue. 

So, how about, for one day, you go without shoes?

TOMS has been working on their “One for One” project for 6 years now. As you may already know, for every pair of TOMS you purchase a pair is given to a child in need. Now, “A day without shoes” is an extension of that effort and a way to create awareness about this issue.

So for one day walk around without shoes, see how it is and help others understand. Getting the conversation started is the first step to generate real change. If you feel like sharing your experience, let us know! Join us at the stores without shoes or post on our Facebook page  and tell us how it goes for you, what you learn or what you think.

If you want to be more involved and learn about the specific dangers children face, visit One Day Without Shoes

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    […] us for a day without shoes for a chance to win a free pair of TOMS! Join people around the world and take your shoes […]