Local Hikes with Emily: Fort Wetherill

Zach and I decided to head over to Jamestown for a hike through the old fort on the beautiful Sunday morning of last week. Fort Wetherill is located in Jamestown, RI on the high granite cliffs across the water from Fort Adams in Newport. It is a former coastal defense battery and training camp of many wars. The current state park is about 61.5 acres and has been a fortification site since 1776. But in present day you can have a lovely family picnic, go fishing or learn how to scuba dive and snorkel.

We parked the car in one of the many little lots and headed out on the many little trails, skirting around the cliffs near the seaside. We found some interesting little critters swimming about, and a really cool dried out sea urchin to add to our little hiking collection. We turned from the sea and hiked towards the old fort.

When coming from the island’s coast, the fort seems to spring up out of the ground. The old concrete walls are smothered in graffiti these days, and are crumbling in many places. Inside, the old limestone bricks are dripping with little stalactites as the graffiti continues into the dark damp tunnels and rooms. We brought flashlights to do some exploring but you really must be careful you don’t fall down a hole or trip over something unpleasant. We weaved in and out snapping pictures of the modern art as kids were running around playing zombie apocalypse (the perfect setting for such a game!).

Hunger drove us back to the car and we drove home for a late lunch. After our tasty lunch we decided hit up the new Rockspot Climbing Gym in Peacedale. I have been a few times with the Denali crew and it is such a blast! We got our gear on and our climb on for the rest of the afternoon before meeting up with the Denali crew for dinner at Mews Tavern. I’m still getting the nack for the lingo so I couldn’t tell you what type of routes we did but we had so much fun! Bouldering was our favorite especially the wall with the fun slide on the second floor. If you haven’t been, I highly advise it! That’s all for now, happy trails!

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