Gear Review: Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Charger

goal zero

Product tests:

Goal Zero Solar Charger Guide 10 Kit

Best uses for the product:

Charging phones and cameras while camping and during power outages

What you used the product for:

Hurricane Sandy – phone charging

Winter Storm Nemo – phone charging

Camping – phone and GoPro charging

Ruck Across America 35 mile walk – phone and digital camera charging

Favorite aspect of the product:

I had been eyeing solar chargers for some point but never really felt like I had a good reason to have one. That is until Hurricane Irene hit. A week without power and no land line phone my only connection to my family was my cell phone. I also wanted to be up to date on the news and weather so I could know what was going on. It didn’t take long for my battery to die. The last thing I wanted to do was turn the car on and waste gas or battery power just to charge my phone. So instead I did other things, like bring my charger to a doctor’s appointment and ask if I could charge in the waiting room. After a week of doing this I decided I was going to ask Santa (aka Mom and Dad) for a charger for Christmas.

At first I didn’t have all that many opportunities to use my new Nomad 7 solar panels. Finally I got to start using them though. Before Hurricane Sandy hit I charged up the Guide 10 Battery Pack using my laptop. This way I had 4 AA batteries charged and ready to go. My phone’s USB plug also connects to the Guide 10 so that I can charge right from the batteries in case it remained very overcast for many days. In the days after the storm my kit was used to charge my phone along with friend’s and coworker’s phones. Some people found that they couldn’t connect directly to the panels to charge but instead had to charge from the battery pack. My HTC phone has been able to charge from both. I also recently used the panels to charge a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition. If you own one you know that the batteries tend to run out quickly on them. It was great to have the panels when camping so that I could keep using the GoPro for video and pictures.

The Nomad 7 panels have small loops on the sides so that you can use to hang or attach them to something. I have attached my panels to my bag while walking and hiking.

In the days after Hurricane Sandy the good folks at Goal Zero stepped in to help out. For any solar panels that were bought online or in stores during the first weeks after the storm Goal Zero donated panels to people and communities in need. Their large power packs and solar panels were brought in to places like Staten Island to power Red Cross shelters and community kitchens.

Amy Parulis

Amy is extremely fond of mountains and mud. She has hiked all of the 4000footers in New Hampshire and stood on the top of a steaming Mt. St. Helens. Between trips to New Hampshire Amy enjoys doing mud runs and GORUCK Challenges. She is a proud finisher of the Peak Races 50 mile ultramarathon. Often found carrying bricks around for the fun of it and daydreaming about one day climbing Mt. Rainier, Amy pays the bills by doing social media and events for Trailblazer and Denali.

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