The Flume Gorge

If you enjoy the natural beauty of waterfalls and cascades then the Flume Gorge is well worth a visit. You will find The Flume nestled in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire at the base of Mount Liberty and Mount Flume. It was first discovered in 1808 by “Aunt” Jess Guernsey. Her family did not believe the 93 year old originally but eventually went and saw it for themselves.

Flowing 800 feet from the base of Mount Liberty the Flume Gorge is a magnificent natural beauty. As you walk along the wooden boardwalk up the Flume you will be standing above the water in between walls that are only 12-20 feet apart. Deep in the Flume you will also notice that the walls of Conway granite extend up to 90 feet in places.

When visiting you can choose to just walk the Flume or do a 2 mile loop hike. When doing the loop hike you will get to cross the Sentinel Pine Bridge and Pool. It is believed that the Pool formed at the end of the Ice Age and is now 40 feet deep and 150 feet wide. Along the way you will also see glacial boulders while enjoying a nice wide hiking path.

Both trips begin and end at The Flume Gorge Visitor Center. The Visitor Center has a gift shop, information center, and movie theater that plays a 20 minute movie about Franconia Notch State Park. There is an entry fee to get into the park. For more information visit the New Hampshire State Parks website.

Be sure to also check out this video of the Flume.

Amy Parulis

Amy is extremely fond of mountains and mud. She has hiked all of the 4000footers in New Hampshire and stood on the top of a steaming Mt. St. Helens. Between trips to New Hampshire Amy enjoys doing mud runs and GORUCK Challenges. She is a proud finisher of the Peak Races 50 mile ultramarathon. Often found carrying bricks around for the fun of it and daydreaming about one day climbing Mt. Rainier, Amy pays the bills by doing social media and events for Trailblazer and Denali.

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