Local Trails: The Air Line Trail

Inspired by a long bike ride and beautiful day, we set off to explore the Air Line State Park Trail System. We parked at the Cranberry Bog lot in East Hampton which was large enough to accommodate quite a few vehicles.

The trail was perfect for the youngsters that went along the adventure too.   The cliffs on either side of the trail had me a little on edge since I was with a little guy who has yet to master biking etiquette.  But other than that the trail surface was great and made for an easy ride on packed dirt.
We set off 5 miles down the trail which overall was a flat ride with beautiful views and so peaceful though miles of shaded woods.  There were also a ton of picnic tables and benches along the way so next time we will be prepared with snack or lunch! Looking forward to exploring more of this trail!

The Air Line Trail State Park is a 50 mile linear trail that goes through 11 towns in eastern Connecticut. It was once part of a grand railroad that took passengers in style from New York to Boston. Today you can use the trail for running, walking, hiking, biking, or horseback riding. A large portion of the trail has been redone with a wide gravel path. The trail is broken up into 2 sections. The Southern section of the trail begins in East Hampton and features stream crossings with beautiful stone work and two tremendous viaducts. This section is very easy to travel across due to the many miles of developed and maintained trail. Along the way you will also pass by and through town parks, Connecticut State Parks, and wildlife management areas. There are some sections though that are rough trail and harder to negotiate with a bike. For more information and maps visit the State DEEP website.

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