Come Hike With Us: Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain

The final part in our fall Come Hike With Us Series is at Bear Mountain, the tallest peak in Connecticut on Saturday, October 26th. The theme for this hike is Cooking in the Outdoors and we will be providing lunch for all hikers.

Cooking in the Outdoors
Give true meaning to eating al fresco when you join us and learn how to prepare and cook meals for your next adventure! Learn multiple techniques and share your own experience as we enjoy lunch together on top of Bear Mountain in Salisbury.

Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. (Note: This is the official start time of this hike. Please disregard all flyers stating a different start time.)
(Please note October 26 hike begins at 11am not 10am as printed on the flyer.)

Under-mountain Trail/Appalachian Trail in Salisbury at Bear Mountain
(3.2 miles from junction of Rout 44 & Rout 41- take Rt 41 N parking lot is on the left hand side, marked by a blue, oval “Undermountain Trail” sign)



Estimated Time:
4-4.5 hrs

Trail Description:
Bear Mountain, the tallest peak in Connecticut at 2,316 feet via the Under-mountain trail is easily one of Connecticut’s best day-hikes. A loop through ancient forests leads to a large stone pyramid on top of Connecticut’s highest summit. Offering views of the beautiful and rugged mountains across three states this is not a hike that is worth the drive!

Parking Fee:
None but parking lot space is limited, carpooling is suggested.

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