Outdoor Research – A company true to its name

Outdoor Research (OR) is a company with integrity, innovation, and trust, not only in its testers/athletes but people who purchase their products. Outdoor Research, based in Seattle, WA, started as many great outdoor gear companies do, with an adventurer who had passion for the outdoors. From there the company grew and grew, dedicated to providing people with the best outdoor gear that was practical and worked just the way it was suppose to.

I have have always loved the outdoors and exploring not only my limits but the limits of where I can go. Ultimately where you can go depends on how reliable and useful your gear is. I am here to tell you, look no further because outdoor research is the way to go. On top of the amazing gear and it’s ability to function when you need it to OR’s customer service is what surprised me the most.

There are many companies out there with amazing gear and depending on what your looking for people usually steer one way or the other. I am here to tell you why OR will from here on out be my go-to company for everything outdoor. I purchased my first piece of OR gear on a whim, it was on sale and I wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, I was too quick to buy and didn’t do my research, I needed more of a waterproof hardshell, not a insulated hoodie. Embarrassed, I called up OR and explained that it honestly wasn’t what I needed. I was calling to see what they suggested to buy next… Instead the friendly woman on the other end of the phone said “pick out anything you want of equal value and we will make an exchange”. Just like that I thought? There’s no way that a company could make this so easy. I then asked “don’t you need to receive the return before sending out the replacement?” The response I received was what will keep me coming back time and time again…”hahaha of course not Mr. Miller, we trust you”.

Outdoor Research is a company with integrity, that stands behind their products and is loyal to those who use them. Check out their products at outdoorresearch.com and if you have any questions give customer service a call, they are great!

Always forward my friends,
Jameson Miller

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